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Cascada de Los Venados

I went with my usual hiking group, Caminantes de Santander, this Sunday to our usual type of destination – a waterfall! We made our first stop at a beautiful cemetery on a hill above the city. In Colombia you never suffer for want of empanadas because there is an empanada vendor everywhere you turn, including the entrance of a cemetery. I enjoyed a cemetery empanada and then we headed up and up and up a crazy steep hill.

Cascada De Los Venados 004

Cascada De Los Venados 006

Flower vendors outside the cemetery.

Thank god there were pretty trees, flowers and views of the city to enjoy as my leg muscles cried out for flatter ground.


Photo by Manuel Guacaneme Franco.

Cascada De Los Venados 009 Cascada De Los Venados 013

We stopped at a pueblo along the way for some snacks.


Photo by Manuel Guacaneme Franco.

At last! After six hours of mostly uphill hiking we arrived at the waterfall.

Cascada De Los Venados 014

Just kidding. After getting to one small waterfall there was still a bit more hiking to do over many slippery rocks to get to the real waterfall. Once we got within sight of the waterfall I was impressed by its height.

Cascada De Los Venados 016

I took a snack break and then my wobbly legs were ready for the last climb of the day up to the higher falls.


Photo by Manuel Guacaneme Franco.

The water was frigid and I was content just to go in up to my knees.

Cascada De Los Venados 025

A bus was waiting just below the falls to take us back home. I had enough time to rest for a few hours at home before going to Spanish study club in the evening – a new effort undertaken by myself and a few other foreign friends who are living here.


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