Cascada de Los Venados

I went with my usual hiking group, Caminantes de Santander, this Sunday to our usual type of destination – a waterfall! We made our first stop at a beautiful cemetery on a hill above the city. In Colombia you never suffer for want of empanadas because there is an empanada vendor everywhere you turn, including the entrance of a cemetery. I enjoyed a cemetery empanada and then we headed up and up and up a crazy steep hill.

Cascada De Los Venados 004
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Al Centro!

Yesterday I moved into my third (and hopefully last) apartment. My minimalist lifestyle down here allowed me to pack up all my stuff in 30 minutes and take it in one taxi trip to my new apartment – a marked change from what it was like to move around Colorado. Previously I was living in the fancy, upscale part of town with all the shopping malls and such. Now I´m living very close to my work near downtown. I like my new neighborhood a lot, the center of town is very lively and puts me a lot closer to cultural events and the farmers´ market. Last night I enjoyed a concert under the stars in an old house-turned-art museum called La Casa Del Libro Total. Some dreamy Peruvians with a band called Los Nómadas were playing. They play a mixture of blues, rock and folkloric music from Peru – I tend to find the blues mashed up with other genres to be a little hokey, but I was way into these guys last night.

Colombiaventura Part 2

My last Colombiaventura entry left off at Zapaquira. Here’s a summary of the rest of the trip…

I parted ways with my friends and set off for Villa de Leyva on my own. It’s a small colonial town a few hours north of Bogota. I met some Dutch girls in the hostel that I hung out with. We picnicked by a waterfall, ate lots of feijoas (my new favorite fruit) and lounged around the quiet town. I went off on my own one afternoon on a walk through the countryside to get to an archaeological park called El Infiernito. Continue reading

El Cocuy [Español]

Para llegar al Parque Nacional El Cocuy es un esfuerzo. Llegué al pueblo El Cocuy después de tres buses y 21 horas. Todos los edificios del pueblo son pintados con blanco y verde agua y por todos lados encuentras a los campesinos con sus ruanas típicas.

A campesino in his ruana. (Photo by Tyler Broeren)

Un campesino con su ruana. (Foto por Tyler Broeren)

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El Cocuy [English]

(La versión en español aquí.)

Arriving to El Cocuy National Park is no easy task. After three buses and a duration of 21 hours I made it to the small town of El Cocuy which sits below the park. The pueblo is painted a very pleasing shade of seafoam green and the streets are filled with farmers wearing their typical ruanas (wool ponchos).

A campesino in his ruana. (Photo by Tyler Broeren)

A campesino in his ruana. (Photo by Tyler Broeren)

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