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Marching for Water/Visiting La Mesa

On Friday, November 15th there was a big march in defense of Santurban, the paramo I wrote about earlier that serves as a huge water supply and is in danger of being polluted with mining activity. Me and hundreds of other Bumangueses (mostly college students) slowly paraded down the main street in town shouting “Agua si! Oro no!” Unfortunately, though, no progress has been made by the government in terms of protecting the area since the march.

Marcha 23

Photo by Pastor Virviescas Gómez

The same weekend I headed out to La Mesa de Los Santos with a girl from Idaho who was visiting Bucaramanga for a few days. We went to La Mojarra – a popular climbing area that I hadn’t visited since June. We didn’t climb, just went on a short hike in the area.


From La Mojarra we walked for about 45 minutes to the small pueblo of Los Santos where we enjoyed some homemade coconut ice cream and then hopped on a bus.

DSCF0763 DSCF0766

On the way home we stopped at the farmer’s market to enjoy some arepas de choclo, German craft beer from a local company called Bier Krug and a frappuchino made with some organic, Colombian coffee. Mmmm mmm.

I was also in the Mesa de Los Santos area a week earlier for the birthday of my dear friend Monica. We spent the night on her family’s finca and then enjoyed a lazy afternoon of eating and playing cards.

Can you spot the gringas? [Photo by Camilo Martinez]

Can you spot the gringas? [Photo by Camilo Martinez]

Photo by Camilo Martinez.

Photo by Camilo Martinez

Photo by Camilo Martinez.

Life is hard in Colombia. [Photo by Camilo Martinez]


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