La Salsera

This weekend began on Friday night like any good weekend – with salsa dancing! On Saturday afternoon I arranged a screening of Esperando El Tsunami at the beautiful Centro Cultural de Oriente. It’s a mesmerizing documentary featuring the musicians Lulacruza on a trip through Colombia. It has some incredible music and very poetic dialogue about nature and the beauty of Colombia. I highly recommend it! The filmmakers are showing the film via screenings set up by folks all around the world. Here is an outtake from the movie featuring a group, Sexteto Tabala, who I will have the privilege of seeing here in Bucaramanga in a few weeks!

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Four day weekend! Or alternatively: everything you never knew about páramos.

This weekend was made incredibly relaxing by the combination of a free day from work on Friday and a holiday on Monday. The fun started with a dentist appointment on Friday morning! A trip to the dentist is slightly more enjoyable in Colombia since the price tag of such a visit is a mere $1.25. Hooray for affordable healthcare! In the afternoon was the big soccer game with Chile. Every soccer game, of course, is a big deal, but this one was an extra big deal since it would allow Colombia to qualify for the World Cup. I went to a nearby sports bar to watch the game with a few friends. Try as I might, I just can’t get excited about soccer, but the rest of the bar patrons more than made up for my lack of enthusiasm. The soccer-induced bedlam was certainly not limited to the bars. I imagine one could have easily kept track of Colombia’s score without watching the game, but instead by counting the number of times the streets erupted in sonic explosions of trumpets and horns. I don’t understand the World Cup selection process, nor do I care to, but I do know that Colombia managed to tie 3-3, thus moving onto the World Cup. The evening ended early with a coconut-arequipe-cream oblea in the park; a dessert which can best be described as decadent. Continue reading