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This past weekend was the much-anticipated International Film Festival in Barichara. It was totally FREE and todo el mundo was planning to attend. I had been to Barichara earlier, but only for a few hours. On Saturday morning we set forth by bus!


Like most of the festival goers, we showed up to Barichara with a few tents, but no place to stay. Luckily we found a camping site on the edge of town with magnificent views.

DSCF9749 DSCF9750

As with my previous camping experiences in Colombia, this one was not lacking in luxury. Please note the electrical outlet that was provided for Andres’ tent. The tent had a wi-fi connection as well!


The films were shown in 3 different rooms in a giant, beautiful, old building.


My viewings at the film festival included:

  • a Cuban animated film from the 80s called Vampiros en La Habana
  • a documentary about the conflict in West Bank called 5 Broken Cameras
  • a documentary about a Pacific Colombian island named La Gorgona which used to be something like Colombia’s Alcatraz island and is now a national park
  • a documentary about The Punk Syndrome – a Finnish punk band formed by a group of mentally disabled men
  • several short films made in Colombia

The film portion of the weekend wasn’t quite what I had expected – it was very disorganized and the sound quality wasn’t great. All the films I did get to see were wonderful, though, and the weekend was filled with many other delightful moments.


My favorite Colombian treat – pan de yuca!


Enjoying the night air on a repurposed bunk bed in our new favorite cafe – Casa Baku. We continually lamented the fact that there’s not such a lovely, quirky cafe in Bucaramanga.


The ceiling of the main church in Barichara, built in the 18th century.


On Monday morning we walked along the path from Barichara to Guane, stopping to take a few pictures in an abandoned house.


I will leave you with my favorite Spanish phrase of the moment – taught to me by my Colombian brother in order to defend myself against dear friends who mercilessly (albeit amiably) tease me about my still-less-than-perfect Spanish.

Pinta un bosque y piérdete!
(Peen-tuh oon bows-kay e pee-err-da-te!)

Translation: Get lost!
Literal translation: Paint a picture of a forest and get lost in it!


4 thoughts on “FICBA

  1. Colombia has such a beautiful, consistent color palette. I’d decorate my house in color Colombia, and I’m crazy for arches too. Thanks for capturing the experience!.

  2. Another very common phrase we use to say is “Multiplícate por cero”. I had a blast reading your stories! Regards from a Bumangués in Washington, D.C.

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