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Adventures in Climbing and Modeling

The weekend before last I went to a lovely event at the Modern Art Museum called the Mercadillo. It happens 4 times a year in Bucaramanga and features local bands and local vendors of hand-made jewelry and clothing. Exactly my kind of event.

My friend's band Delaf.

My friend’s band, Delaf.

In between watching bands we were treated to some performance art in which the lady below vacuumed the grass, vacuumed herself and then vacuumed members of the audience.

Andres getting cleaned.

Andres getting cleaned.

This weekend’s adventures began by pretending to be a model for my friend Diego who’s a fashion photographer.

DiegoGomezGomez1 DiegoGomezGomez2

On Sunday I FINALLY made it to La Mesa de Los Santos! It’s a town about 1 hour from Bucaramanga which had been at the top of my list of “Places to Visit” for the last 2 months. We first stopped at the market for some arepas de choclo (sweet corn arepas) and they were incredible!

Mercado Campesino [Image from photobucket.com]

Then we headed to La Mojarra – a popular climbing area next to the Chicamocha Canyon. I have been eager to go climbing on rock for many months, climbing in the gym isn’t quite as fun for me. We spent the afternoon climbing 5 different routes.



Climbing on Pretty Woman.

Another group jumped onto one of our routes for a quick minute and I talked briefly with a girl who is also from the U.S. She is only the second American I’ve met in Colombia; it turns out that she (as well as the other American I met last month) used to live in Denver. What a small world!




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