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My Dear Students

I haven’t written much yet about work. In one sentence: I am completely enamored with my students at Colombo. They are incredibly helpful, appreciative and delightful. In my conversation course I had each student read a book and then write a letter to the author with their thoughts about the book. I was so tickled to read one student’s endearing letter. Here’s the best part:

First of all, I must say reading isn’t my strength, so my perception about a book and my thoughts on how to make it better or which things to change to make the story more appealing to the readers in general could be redundant and superfluous in the eyes of an experienced writer who has the gift of telling a story and bringing personality to life with just written words. I mean, I admire a writer’s work and if any of my thoughts can help in any way possible, then I will be pleased.

I had little time to read the book, mainly because I postponed it for a couple of days (as I said before, reading isn’t my strength), thinking that I wasn’t going to have a good time or enjoy reading this story, but as soon as I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I read the whole book in an afternoon and said to myself, watching a movie or a TV show aren’t the only ways to get into a story, besides by reading you give your mind some work to do and as English isn’t my native language, I learned a couple new words and added them to my English AND Spanish vocabulary!

What lovely words for a teacher to read.


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