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Un Fin de Semana Relajante

My weekend began at the new mall on the edge of town where they were having a Grand Opening party. The main event was a concert by Monsieur Periné, a very popular Colombian band that plays French pop music.

This weekend also marked the beginning of contemporary dance classes on Saturday afternoons! I had no idea I would ever be spending so much of my time dancing. The class was way different than anything I’ve done before – we started out rolling around on the floor and at the end of the class we were dancing cumbia. Perhaps the best part of the class is that it’s held in Teatro Coliseo Peralta, a beautiful theater downtown that was built in 1883. I’m eager to research the history of the theater. I also spent some time this weekend at Parque de Los Flores, a giant park just 10 minutes from my house. I was fascinated by the eerie corporeal planters throughout the park.

DSCF9600 DSCF9601 DSCF9603

I don’t have a lot of news to share right now, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been on any adventures. My time has mostly been spent going to movies, working, listening to music (lots of salsa!), seeing friends and, of course, studying Spanish! Sadly I’m still not fluent in Spanish and most of my conversations are filled with many utterances of “Cómo??” [What did you say?]. I’m learning more all the time though!


One thought on “Un Fin de Semana Relajante

  1. What great photographs and the dance classes sound like they are a lot of fun! I’m glad that you are enjoying your time! It looks like you are keeping really busy.

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