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Colombia: Mi Media Naranja

My students taught me a lovely phrase this week; the love of your life is known as your “media naranja” which literally means your “half orange”. My friend from Argentina tells me it’s a common expression there as well and that you can also say media limón (lemon), media manzana (apple) or any other fruit that you feel like using.

Up until last Thursday I had been visiting the climbing gym in Bucaramanga once or twice a week. Unfortunately I didn’t warm up well enough on Thursday and pulled a muscle in my leg, resulting in more pain than I knew was possible from pulling a muscle. The upside of this experience was learning that any kind of medicine you need, including prescription-strength pain killers, can be obtained from the pharmacy for $3 without a prescription needed. I’ll be back to climbing next week and will hopefully visit La Mesa de Los Santos soon – it’s a very popular climbing destination about an hour away from Bucaramanga.

I’ve also been going to salsa lessons twice a week and learning a lot about salsa music. Joe Arroyo is a famous salsa singer from the coast in Colombia and I think I can safely say that I could listen to his song “La Rebelion” every day for the rest of my life without growing tired of it.

Last night at salsa class I met a guy who is also from Denver and is riding his bike from Alaska to Argentina. He was the first American I’ve met in Colombia! After salsa class he came with us to a friend’s house where we enjoyed some Kässpätzle, a traditional German dish that my friend Lisa has made for us twice now.


Enjoying some Kässpätzle at my house with Stefi, Susy, Andres, Lisa and Guillermo (Andres’ father).

This week has been very busy with lesson planning for new English courses. Hopefully there will be another adventure in the near future to tell you about!


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