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Colombian food



The oblea is a dessert from Floridablanca – a nearby town. It consists of dulce de leche, cheese and fruit sandwiched between two wafers. It is my favorite Colombian food. This wrapper shows the love-related names for all the types of oblea. My favorite is “Mi Gran Amor” which has dulce de leche, cheese, cream and blackberries.




The pitaya is the fruit of a cactus. You cut it in half and scoop out the yummy insides which resemble the mixing of a pear and a kiwi.



The arepa is a round patty made of corn flour. Each department in Colombia has their own style of arepa. Here in Santander the yellow arepa is most common. This weekend I had an arepa with egg inside, a style from the coast.


I wasn’t too excited about all the pizza places in Bucaramanga until I realized that they have totally different toppings than what I’m used to. Last night I had chicken stroganoff pizza!



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