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I’m getting all settled into Bucaramanga. I live in an apartment with Andrés and his father. All my friends in Bucaramanga live with their parents, a big difference the culture of the U.S. Andrés is 22 and works for the local chapter of AIESEC, the organization I got my internship through. He’s a student at one of the universities in Bucaramanga. My first day here was spent walking around town to get a cell phone and all the necessary papers for my alien ID card.


Me, Stefani and Andrés in a taxi.

I will be working at the Centro Colombo Americano starting next week. It’s an English center which is 15-20 minutes away from the apartment by foot. There are a few other girls here who have also come to Bucaramanga through the AIESEC program. One girl from Greece works with me at the Centro Colombo Americano. The other girls are from Brazil, Romania and Germany and they have jobs at other businesses in Bucaramanga.

Courtyard of Centro Colombo Americano.

Courtyard of Centro Colombo Americano.

A few blocks from the Colombo Americano is the Modern Art Museum of Bucaramanga.

Modern Art Museum

Modern Art Museum

Modern Art Museum

Modern Art Museum

Bucaramanga is known as “La Ciudad de Los Parques”. Right down the street from our apartment is the San Pio park which has a sculpture by the famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero.

Mujer de Pie Desnuda by Fernando Botero [Image by Don Pacho]

Mujer de Pie Desnuda by Fernando Botero. [Image by Don Pacho]

The city of Bucaramanga is nestled between two hills to the East and West. As you can see, everything is so lush here!


The hill to the East of Bucaramanga.


7 thoughts on “¡Hola!

  1. Good luck with your time in Bucarmanga, Katherine. If you get a chance to see other places in Colombia, do go. It is a wonderfully diverse and beautiful country. As you are discovering, the people are extremely friendly. Also listen to local music- Vallanatos, Cumbia, etc. They have many fabulous forms of indigenous music in varous parts of the country. I look forward to hearing more as time goes on. I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Your cousin, David

  2. This is GREAT, how exciting!! Thanks for the update Katherine, love the pictures and the scene-setting. I will live vicariously through you! Have a blast!!

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